Kelly Alexander – BizTech
Jeff Henley – Chairman of the Board at Oracle
Eliot Colon – Miro Consulting


“Thomas MacIsaac worked for me while at Oracle . He is a totally customer driven sales executive who thinks strategically and executes tactically. Thomas always goes above and beyond in delivering results for his clients . He goes the extra mile to understand his client’s business and tailor solutions to their needs. Thomas is a tireless team player who I would not hesitate to hire for a senior sales leadership role.” – Senior Director American Alliances,


“Thomas has a unique blend of technical, business, and people skills that make him a valuable sales manager. He connects well with customers, understands the problems they are trying to solve, and looks for solutions that our technology can deliver. His relationships with customers carry forward years after any sale because they value his genuine caring attitude towards them and their priorities. ~ David Berberian, CEO Droplets, Inc.


“Thomas is an excellent Account Manager who is focused on building long-term relationships, team work and client success.” ~ Lisa Berringer, Application Sales Manager, Oracle


“In a world of ‘sales professionals’ Thomas stands apart from the pack. His hallmark is leading with vision and an unfailing commitment to understanding and addressing the essence of the customer’s concerns while promoting freshness and innovation on a team that he drives forward to success with great enthusiasm. He already is a great leader.” ~ Jonathan Kahn, Solutions Architect, Oracle


“Thomas is one of the most creative and successful sales professionals that I have ever had the privilege to work with. He is a honest, highly motivated and consistently achieves his goals. His strength is his innate ability to build strong, lasting strategic relationships with his customers. Thomas’s customers trust and respect him and he truly takes their satisfaction personally.” ~ Torr Schmey, Middleware Sales Manager, Oracle


“During my four year tenure at NRG we did several million dollars worth of business with Oracle. Thomas was right at the heart of it. There are sales people and then there are partners. Most sales people want to be your partner, but they either do not know what that means or do not have the intellectual bandwidth to partner with senior management. Thomas is the exception. He brings value to the table that goes much beyond what Oracle delivers and what the customer buys. He has insights that go way beyond that of the average sales person I have dealt with throughout my career” ~ Jack Barsky, former CIO, NRG Energy, Inc.


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