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To succeed in enterprise sales, you must become your own Sales/marketing architect

Selling to large enterprise customers has unquestionably changed over the years. External forces from competition, both small and large compete with you not only for attention but to also re-establish priorities and capture a larger share of your customers/prospects wallet. Internally, there is a growing push within enterprises to reduce the number of vendors they …

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Top 5 Reasons Customers Buy From A Salesperson.

  Likeability – People want to do business with people they like. Benefit – The sales rep knows and understands their customer’s business well and can effectively communicate the benefits in the customer’s language. Trust – The customer knows and trusts their sales rep/team.  Would you ever buy something from someone you do not feel …

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Say Hello Dolly For Sales Success

Dolly the sheep was born in 1996. As you may recall, Dolly was the world’s first successful y cloned mammal. At that time, the world was abuzz with the news, and researchers Ian Wilmut, Keith Campbell and the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, Scotland took center stage. Ethicists were horrified that humans would be cloned next …

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