What is the most important sale for any business?

Here is a hint – don’t think customer.  Give up?  Well, all sales are important, but in my opinion the most important sale that propels’ business to new heights is the one you make to yourself and your employees.  After all, if you or your colleagues are not convinced about the value of the products or services you sell, then how could you ever expect to be successful convincing someone else to buy it/them? The short answer is, you won’t. Therefore, the most important sale has to occur internally. Employees must have an almost zealous fervor for the products or services they sell, and it’s up to leadership to provide that.  Ignoring this important internal sale will show up later in your disappointing sales figures.


  1. Well said and very true. Leaders set the tone internally for how customers are treated – do they empower employees to provide excellent service through training and incentives, do they listen to what customers need or are they only focused on short-term profit?

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