Being flexible makes a lasting impression

I’ve been having some banking challenges these past few weeks.  For whatever reason, I maintain two checking accounts with BOFA, one interest bearing, one not.  The other day I received an e-mail from BOFA notifying me that my checking account had insufficient funds available to pay some fee – which honestly gave me this sinking feeling that I had been hacked.  I swung into action and abruptly closed the non-interest bearing account, who needs that anyway?  A bit more research and I discovered the source of my problem: my wife had inadvertently started using checks from an old box that was tied to the non-interest bearing checking account.  Yes, the same account I had so quickly closed.  Whoops

I explained my tale of woe to BOFA and was told, no problem Mr. MacIsaac – we’ll remove that $35. overdraft fee from your account.  I was grateful and asked them to re-open the account which they did right away.  The trouble is, they couldn’t transfer funds into that account until 24 hours which was the time required to update all their systems (computer thing – ugh).  I looked in the register, 6 additional checks outstanding (GASP!).  I woke up the next morning and immediately transferred funds into the account to cover the outstanding checks – too late, 3 more checks triggering overdraft protection and new 35. fee’s for each check – ouch.  I dutifully called the bank again and further explained the situation.

  • Second overdraft: $35 Fee – No problem, we’ll remove that (I’m thinking, wow – that’s really nice of you)
  • Third overdraft: $35 Fee – No problem, we’ll remove that (I’m thinking, seriously?  I’m the one that screwed up)
  • Fourth overdraft: $35 Fee – No problem, we’ll remove that one too (I’m thinking – BOFA is the greatest bank in the world)

I actually said to the customer service representative – I really don’t remember you guys being so great with customer service, what’s changed?  Well Mr. MacIsaac, we’ve created a special group within the bank that’s completely dedicated to our most valued customers.  Since you have been banking with us for so long, and since you have been such a great customer, we are empowered to make special concessions for unique situations that might arise, and I guess you could say this qualifies.  I certainly would, thank you for that explanation and thank you for all of your help.

I concluded that call thinking, what a great bank, what great service, who can I tell how thrilled I am with my bank?  So I sat down at the computer and started writing this blog.  Great customer service, empathy, understanding and flexibility makes a lasting impression….



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