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Attention Sales Managers: Want Sales People Who Solve Customers’ Problems? Do it Yourself First!

Any sales manager worth their salt knows that taking care of customers is the most important aspect of their job.  The question is; however, do the sales people who report to the sales manager feel the same way?  If not…why?  In my experience the answer lies in the way in which the sales manager sets …

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An unexpected phone call

The other day I went to what was supposed to have been a rather routine dental visit.  I’ll spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say this rather routine visit soon involved lots and lots of Novocain and high speed drills that would put a Dremel  to shame. At around 9:00 pm that …

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The Amazing Power of Fun

It seems that each and every day we are fed a healthy diet of negative news from the media: companies are laying off workers, we are experiencing the worst recession since the dawn of man, global warming is melting the planet, war, famine, poverty, healthcare, taxes are going up etc. All of this instability and …

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